On Barbs and Wire

Combined they formed barbedwire, that stunning tool used to keep people and animals in and out of places. Invented in the mid 1800s, you can learn all you need to know at the Barbed Wire History Museum.

There is of course, a museum for most everything. Beyond the physical manifestation, barbs and wire show up everyday in our lives. Prickly people who don’t align with our thinking and desires. Technology that doesn’t bow to our will or in other words deliver on the promise of improving our productivity. They are things that slow us down. Or at the worst, stop us in our tracks.

We all know what these things are. They’re both the same and different for each of us. Little irritants that derail an otherwise perfectly stellar day. I would even venture to say that barbs comprise all the alerts and emails and notifications pinging you non stop all day every day. Unless you minimize them.

The wire is the connections and path taking us towards our goals. Dreams. It’s the conduit of course. Like the power in your house. Or the lines overhead connecting you to the grid. In this case, the grid is your network of people and tools who help you along the way.

The trick is overcoming all the barbs attached to the wire because success is never a smooth path. It’s a choice. Do you say ‘ouch’ and panic? Or do you say ‘dang’ and keep going?

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