Us versus Them

How often does this come up for you? How often do different departments work symbiotically to achieve company goals? Or is it more about silos and protecting one’s turf?

Imagine how much more we could all get done with much less effort and angst if we truly worked together in a spirit of transparent collaboration.

Imagine how much more profitable your company would be if this were true? It’s hard to quantify the waste that political infighting causes both financially and emotionally.

Of course there aren’t many public examples of symbiotic nirvana. It’s rather rare.

What if you made that happen in your company? Imagine what an amazing place to work that would be and how gratifying. The elusive stretch goal? Why not shoot for it? It’s never too late to start. At least you can be one who doesn’t contribute to the problem.

Giving and receiving feedback well is one tool that can help and I’m just diving into this book on the subject.

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