Make time for real work

We live distracted lives. That’s not a secret. And research over the past few years has shown how our brains are getting rewired, we’re facing more anxiety and depression. More FOMO. We’re essentially skimming the surface as several studies have shown it takes 20 – 25 minutes to regain focus after each distraction whether that’s a text message, email or colleague buzzing by your desk.

We’re not creating value in this state of mind. Real value comes from concentrated focus. What author Cal Newport calls Deep Work. This requires finding uninterrupted time to focus. At minimum, 90 minutes. But it’s better if you can find 2 – 4 hour blocks of time.

While Nicholas Carr has shown how our brains are being rewired in the digital age, neuroscience shows that because our brains can be consciously rewired through focus on a subject over time. Called self-directed neuroplasticity, we can choose not to be so distracted.

When algorithms can replace much of the work we already do – and much of the thinking – it’s the value we create through deeper work that will keep us relevant. And that will differentiate you from others. Because it is hard. It takes intention. Vision. Discipline. All things eroded by digital distraction.

Check it out here. Not only will you create more value, you’re apt to live a more satisfying life.

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