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Month: January 2013

Enter the Database, Where IMC Benefits from Data and Automation

At its core IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) is data driven to support a customer-centric company. Today, technology gives us access to all kinds of data – more specific, more targeted, bigger, but is it better? Please join us Sunday, February 10th at 5:00 PM Pacific / 8:00 PM Eastern on Twitter for #IMCChat as we tackle this topic via the following questions:

  • IMC is data-driven, so where do you start with orienting data to the customer?
  • How can data help bridge the marketing functions (and really the whole co)?
  • Is there a way to keep data top-of-mind
  • How do you keep data relevant (fresh)?
  • As a marketer, what’s the most important data you collect? Why is it so important?
  • What is the most important data to keep collecting and reviewing?
  • How do you keep data from collecting dust on a shelf?
  • In a customer-centric co, is there room for automation?
  • What tactics or efforts make the most sense to automate?

We might not get to all of the questions depending on the flow of the conversation during the hour we have, but these are there to stimulate thinking and dialogue.

52/13-02: Matter

This week is about matter, however you define it. Whether it’s brain ‘matter’, organic, transient matter or something more permanent. In the midst of a two-week New Year’s food cleanse, I happened to have this leftover cabbage, and not being a big fan of it, thought it was better suited to something other than my next meal . .

52/13-01: Path; first of 52 visual exercises for 2013

For the past few years I’ve assigned myself ongoing projects to sharpen the eye and stimulate my visual thinking. They’ve been pretty simple, requiring nothing more than sticking to it and taking a moment each day. I started with the daily sky, then followed the next year with a daily observation tied to a single word. In this one, I merely reacted to what I saw and experienced during the day, then later applied a word to the image. Rarely did I have to work to ‘find’ the image; they were just there as I went through the day. I’m continuing this project, but no longer limiting it to a single word, nor worrying about repeating a word during the year.
In an effort to stretch my visual muscles a little more, I’m embarking on a weekly image inspired by a word or phrase. The images will be driven by a word or phrase determined in advance. They may be found or created, photographic or drawn. Given my penchant for picking up a camera, I might even toss in some mixed media to push myself a little further. The key is that I don’t over think the concept, stay with the confines of time (must be created during that week), and that I let go and explore. There’s no client and no other objective outside of seeing how that influences writing and communication. Will this enhance my ability as a marketer? Or will it merely feed the creative spirit? We’ll see!


This first week is ‘Path’. We all like to have a clear path to follow with an ability to make our own. Sometimes there’s obstacles in the way of our chosen path, and other times, we look over the edge, wondering if we should take that leap. But to grow as individuals and increase our capacity to perform, there are times we must take that leap without knowing for certain whether we’ll sink or swim. It’s an act of faith. Most often, however, we’re limited by our fears and the stories our minds tell ourselves. When we do take that leap, it’s usually not as bad as we envisioned when we look back. Such experiences help us take the next leap and experience life rather than remain prisoners of our minds. So take that leap this year; push yourself to do something beyond what you tell yourself you’re capable of doing!