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Marketing and the customer experience #IMCChat November 7, 2012

How many times have you seen a company spend a lot of money on a flashy advertising campaign but the actual product or experience didn’t live up to the hype?

How often do you visit a retail store and experience lackluster or even rude service? And let alone get answers to your questions! It’s certainly natural for marketers to focus on flashy campaigns. They’re exciting. They’re easy to wrap your head around. And they’re easy to point to as an example of the work you’re doing. The flash likely worked years ago when there were but a few channels and the conversation was one way. There were few opportunities for consumers to publicly complain.

Yet so many companies neglect the front lines of their businesses, staffing with poorly trained, poorly rewarded employees who are simply not invested in delivering a great experience. Which makes it almost shocking when you DO get good service.

Let’s face it, working on customer service is a tough, long-term endeavor reaching far beyond the marketing department. Yet the rewards are high.  Just not very flashy.

Join us on November 7th as we talk about the importance of the customer experience in marketing and how marketers can and should approach it to ensure that each marketing campaign can deliver better on it’s promise.

We’ll ponder the following questions but open the dialog to what’s top of mind for you in this area:
  1. What are some recent examples of companies that ‘get’ customer service?
  2. What are some horror stories (Need not name names)?
  3. How can marketing influence customer service?
  4. How can marketing help fix a bad experience?
  5. When can customer service become the marketing?