On differentiation, the three Ds, value and thinking bigger

Having recently moved in-house Shiv Singh talks about the differences between agency and corporate life – and how from the inside, agencies don’t look all that different. I agree – it’s hard to tell many apart. He gets right to the core of the challenges of advertising and branding in the digital age. How it’s much harder and requires that we overcome biases to be effective. Agencies and marketers alike need to read this. Because we’re all in this together.

#imcchat is always a great use of an hour and this week focused on the three D’s of customer experience drawing on this post @bethharte assigned as our ‘homework’.  The three D’s are designing the experience, delivering it through collaboration and developing capabilities to repeat the process.

Everyone loves lists. Things you can quickly read and quickly check off. From @lisapetrilli, this is a great list for leaders from a CEO – seven tips for success. If you’re looking for the how, you won’t find it here – just the what. I especially liked ‘Good Communication is not enough’ and the need to ‘Embrace uncertainty.” Food for the noggin.

Not a salacious read/viewing, but important. This is something people who started internet companies w/hype and no product failed to learn (and so they failed). The four principles of value creation is an hour-long tutorial by McKinsey that’s good for communicators and product developers alike.. Particularly if you don’t have a finance background it gives you the key principles executives need to and do focus on. This builds on Valeria’s post on value creation for content developers I shared last week.

Think bigger because the world needs you too. If you’re tired of hearing about all of the personal branding and “Imasocialmediaconsultant” chatter, this post is for you. I’m a big fan of the concept of show, don’t tell one of my early college professors hammered into our heads. Olivier offers solid words on bringing substance to the table. Ties nicely with the concept of value creation mentioned above. Don’t be person number 3. Be number 2. Read and you’ll know why.

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