Five for Friday, September 3

How Social Media saved Cisco $100,000 on a product launch. This is a great case study showing the positive ROI companies are looking for with Social Media. It’s no longer just fluffy conversation about what you had for lunch. You can measure it. You can integrate it into your marketing tool kit. But first, you must understand how it works. How people (i.e. your customers and prospects) use it. And how they want you to use it to talk with them before rolling out your strategy.

Jeremiah is always a worthy read. And this is perhaps the best overview I’ve seen on how social media fits in with traditional marketing tactics. Yes, there’s still a big role for these tactics. Social Media is another tool.

I still hear how Twitter is a waste of time. And questions on what could it be good for as “I don’t want to tell people what I had for lunch.” I understand how people who haven’t engaged on Twitter feel this way. It looks like a time waster. But anyone who knows me, knows how much I value Twitter for the connections you can make and the information sharing taking place in the various ‘neighborhoods’ as @shelisrael talks about in his book Twitterville. But did you know it’s also a great search marketing tool? Read on to find out how!

Developing creative that gets results today is not so much about the big idea, but the little things you can do to enhance conversion. And that requires a shift in thinking argues Mitch Joel. It’s really time to embrace the wealth of data available from the web to create campaigns that resonate with your audiences. Or you can settle for creating useless noise and wasting that shrinking marketing budget. Sure, pure creatives might resist, but savvy ones will embrace the constraints that force them to be even more creative. Me? I’m geeking out on all of this data.

Are you a digital athlete? I haven’t thought of it this way, but like how Adam Cohen packages the basic tools required to become one. A message I get – and believe in – is that you must be nimble because the digital landscape is always evolving. Which the greatest athletes always are.

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