Five for Friday, August 6

Facebook is killing your website according to Jay Baer. And here’s how. This is a provocative, important post that really makes me think about where the web is going and how we’re entrusting our data into the hands of a few. We all know how much Facebook can be trusted to protect our data and privacy (not really). But then we really don’t have any privacy anywhere on the web. That said, Facebook offers huge value to people in terms of the shear number of users. It’s all about traffic. My main thought, though, is that you don’t own the space and can’t control it. What happens after you’ve invested in building your little corner on Facebook and it goes away? Until one has control over their online destiny – it still makes sense (at least to me) to maintain your own domain while taking advantage of Facebook. Tara Hunt has some thoughts on the pain of maintaining your own domain, which is why a venue like Facebook is so attractive. It’s all about convenience. Thoughts? I think we’re just seeing the beginning of how the web will morph and concentrate.

Empower vs. Influence is the way to go. Do you want to be influenced in making a decision (i.e. coerced)? Or do you want to make decisions because you’ve been given the ability to do so? Fast Company’s silly Influence Project has received a lot of heat – for being a hollow popularity contest. Lisa Petrilli writes about why you should really focus on empowering your customers and audiences. You’ll get so much further than wielding a heavy hand. I couldn’t agree more – nor said it any better.

Just because social is social and happens fast doesn’t excuse you from doing your homework. Adam Cohen provides 10 important reasons not to keep research in the back office. Research helps you determine where you should go and possible ways to get there. You learn by doing and there’s no one map, but it gets you grounded. Just don’t resort to analysis paralysis. It’s always important to innovate and iterate. Research helps you make smarter mistakes.

Raising funds for a growing start-up is a major distraction from the core of the business – exceeding customer expections, solving important problems and delivering the value the business promises. This is a great read on the future of start-up funding and why there’s more angel investment today. It’s actually a better environment for founders as they’ll be more able to retain greater control of their business – and be positioned to focus on the customer more than the investor. Something all too many companies forget about when they become purely numbers driven. Always an advocate for bootstrapping, it’s important to understand all of your options before you need them!

Social networking is taking off on mobile devices – particularly with the iPhone and Droid options increasing marketshare. People are using their mobile devices less as a phone and more as way to access info on the net as well as participate in their respective networks. 78% used their browser and 80% used apps as of April. This post provides great data showing year on year growth in how consumers are accessing content online and should inform your approach to building your mobile brand. And if you’re not yet talking about mobile, it’s never too soon to start thinking about how you can integrate it into your business and communications strategy. Just don’t spam anyone. Ever.

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