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Frequency. Reach. Yield – this is a useful way to distill social media measurement into something your company can measure. Although I missed buzz2010, Olivier Blanchard’s slide deck provides the takeaways you can show your internal skeptics to help them understand the tangible benefits of integrating social media into your marketing mix.

Web analytics is more than just a measurement of your site’s traffic. Content marketers are always looking for subject matter that will resonate with their audiences. Rather than guess what your people want, what better way than to analyze the keywords people use to find you – and develop highly targeted content around that?

Most of us know that self-congratulatory press releases and messages that shout ‘look how great we are’ aren’t effective and memorable. You need a hook – a what’s in it for me the reader – to capture my attention. If you haven’t yet figured out that storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to draw people in, here’s how you can integrate stories into your social media.

I’m a fan of Trader Joes and have yet to hear anyone personally, who isn’t.
I’m sure there are detractors, but it’s one of my stops every week. Why? Because they have some great stuff at great prices that’s easy to find. And their employees always seem happy and engaged. Rare for most grocery stores. As a communicator, I often think about the customer experience and how great businesses work. This article sheds some light on TJ’s – but also highlights why we don’t really know that much about them. I’m a fan of neuroscience and undertanding the problems of having too many choices – as Barry Schwartz eloquently outlines in The Power of Choice – and Jonathan Lehrer talks about in How We Decide. And as you’ll read hear – and experience at TJ’s is they limit our choices. They make it easy for us to feel good about the choices we make there – and save us time by editing those choices down to something we can quickly grasp. Who really needs 40 options for peanut butter anyway?

Data. Information. Knowledge. Wisdom – a path to innovation. “The faster information flows to individuals, the faster the process of knowledge creation and the easier it is to make appropriate decisions.” How can you remove the roadblocks to information flow and sharing to facilitate better decision making and ultimately inspire more innovation in your company?

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