The Friday Five – June 4, 2010

Happy Friday! The deluge of rain here in Portland continues – we’re all looking forward to potentially drier weather next week. Here are my top picks for this week. Top of mind continues to be the tragedy in the gulf. The more I read and more I see, the more heartbreaking this is. Let’s hope for a fix before August.

On #imchat this week we had a great conversation on the importance of customer service to marketing – and how customer service is marketing. Few companies really get this based on my service experience. Lauren Vargas from radian6 wrote about five steps you can take to make your customer service more social – and thus create a better customer experience. Why wouldn’t you want to turn your customers into evangelists for your company?
How JetBlue acquired the greatest social currency of any American brand – and ranking of brands with the highest social currency. (Hint: They’re not American). I found this an informative read, providing insight into what more brands need to do in order to successfully navigate the online channels. Hat tip to @LisaPetrilli for the find.

I’ll admit I’m new to Foursquare and location-based marketing initiatives. Being one who thrives on constant learning, I find the best way to understand how things work are to see great examples. Therefore these case studies were a great read. Key takeaway? Keep it simple and make it frictionless.

One of the hottest stories this week has been how @BPGlobalPR grabbed the BP brand and took it for a well-deserved spin – attracting 100,000 followers in a couple of weeks. This post provides a glimpse at the guy behind it and underscores how if you spin it, it will be counterspun. My hat is off to Leroy.

Talk about the killer list of social media resources. There’s something here for nearly everyone – from examples to best practices. And also underscores the wealth of great content on the web – and how helpful curation can be. I’m certainly thankful!

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