Do what matters

How many of us spend our days taking care of minutiae rather than tackling the stuff that matters? How much clutter fills our lives? How much nonsense?

So many people let the day dictate them rather than taking control. They work hard, but are not sure what they’re accomplishing. As a society, we’re stressed out, maxed, tapped, over committed and distracted. We have too much of too much. Take an inventory of how you spend your time and look at your important-to-nonsense ratio. If it’s not 70 / 30 or better, remove the nonsense and do more of what counts. How? Set goals. Goals for 30 days – 90 days – 1 year – 3 years. Then take action. And keep reviewing your goals to see if you’re on track.

Make your time count. Choose your passions and things you spend your time on carefully. None of us knows how long we’ll be here – hopefully it’s a long time. But our time is finite. A completely non-renewable resource. What you do is ultimately your choice. Don’t find yourself doing the woulda coulda shoulda boogie when you look back. If you’re doing that now, change. Be. Now. Today. Do what matters.

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